Gewerbe- und Industriepark Commerden (GIPCO) in Erkelenz, Kreis Heinsberg

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Area size 25,130 m²
Availability Available area within medium term (2-5 years)
Divisible No
24h operation No

Details on commercial zone

GIPCO - Your location for Erkelenz & Europe!

The European single market has made the town of Erkelenz a central location within the European economic community due to its proximity to the borders with Belgium and the Netherlands. As is already evident on the outside, GIPCO takes European interaction into account. There are streets here with names such as Brüsseler Allee and Straßburger Allee, as well as Luxemburger Straße, Maastrichter Straße, and Sittarder Straße. The last also refers to the partnership, established several years ago, between the towns of Sittard and Erkelenz.

Main companies Mauser Werke Divison Plastic, Image Construction Messe- und Eventbau,Centrum Prototypenbau, WGL-Westdeutsche Getränke Logistik
Industrial tax multiplier 420.00 %
Area type GI / GE


Transport infrastructure

Freeway A 46 0.8 km
Airport A 61 11.4 km
Airport Mönchengladbach 36 km
Port Neuss 38.9 km
Port Holtum-Nordweg Born (NL) 48.9 km

Information about Erkelenz

The drilling equipment pioneer Anton Raky moved the seat of the international drilling company from Strasbourg to Erkelenz at the end of the 19th century, which was the beginning of further industrial settlements. Nowadays world-famous machine and drill producers as well as various nationwide oriented companies of small or middle size constitute the solid and multifaceted industry structure.
Erkelenz' image is completed by various retail and transportation businesses, textile and furniture industry as well as building sectors, service industries, administration and governmental offices.

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Contact person

Sandra Schürger
Stadt Erkelenz
+49 2431/85162


Sandra Schürger
Stadt Erkelenz
+49 2431/85162